Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Gaga Judas Nails

Have you girls(and guys) seen Lady Gaga's newest video Judas? Well I did and I love it! I am not going to talk about the fuss that is been going around about the song and what message Gaga wants to give us with the video.. But I want to show you her nails. I totally love her nails in this musicvideo.

Lets look at some printscreens I made:

The first naillook Gaga is wearing are some fake, pointy nails as we can see. Her thumb, middlefinger and pinky are black and the other two fingers are burgundy red. She also has some nailpiercings. Not with just a ring that is pierced in one nail but a chain that is connected to another nail.

Second naillook are also some fake, pointy nails. The colors are dark olive green on the thumb, middlefinger and pinky and black on the other fingers. The black color might look slightly dark red. On top of the nails she has some red rhinestones in different sizes, some little beads in the colors red, black and dark green and some little hoops that look like the hoops from the chain of the nailpiercing.

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