Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tutorial: Nail Polish Art

Ready for a tutorial nail art!? What do you mean, just a regular tutorial on nail art? No, not just nail art on your nails as I usually do. Nail art, as in real art using nail polish! I got this idea from other sites, so why not just copy the idea, try some myself and share it with you people. :D

Now, the opinion of this idea/tutorial may be very various. One might say it's a waste of nail polish. It is, maybe. I own more than 300, yes three-hundred, polishes. Some expensive, some budgetproof ones, some I like, some I love and some I dislike. I took all those budgetproof and dislikes and picked out a range of the polishes I wanted to use for this tutorial. I started making my own art.

The things you need:
- Canvas, size by choice, mine is 20x20cm;
- Random polishes;
- Bowl, optional;
- Paintbrush, optional;
- Rubbing alcohol, optional;
- Old new paper or a plastic (trash)bag.

Step 1. Prepare your workspace. Take the old new paper or plastic bag and put it on the surface you're going to paint and make your nail polish art. This will prevent the surface from being a mess afterwards.

Step 2. Take your canvas, open a bottle, hold it oblique above the canvas and just drop some polish on the canvas. If you hold the bottle more oblique, more polish comes out and when making motions, in for example circles, you can make different fun lines and shapes. To create thicker stripes you can use a painterbrush to create these.

If you're not satisfied on the colors polish you own, you can always mix it in a bottle to create your own unique color. Also, if you want the polish to be a little thinner, you can mix the polish in a bottle with a little bit or rubbing alcohol.

One extra tip! Don't hold your bottles upside down, the steel balls will finally fall out. Getting them back in the bottle is a challenge, and makes a  huge mess. I'm just warning you.

Step 3. Let your art dry. Search a place around the house where your creation can lay down and dry without the risk of being destroyed or run over by anything or anyone. Dryingtime depends on how much nail polish you used. My two creations were dry within 12 hours.

Presto! Nail polish art by Stephanie. Very unique don't you think? It looks even better, in my opinion, than some painting of Mondriaan or Van Gogh. Mine are now hanging on a wall in my bedroom.

What do you think of my new homemade nail polish artwork?


  1. Dit is totaal wat anders, ik vind het wel gaaf.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Leuk gedaan :)