Friday, June 08, 2012

NOTD: European Soccer Chamionship 2012

The time is here! Today is the kick off of the European soccer Championship 2012. Sixteen countries will compete to become Europeans number one team. The Netherlands, my country, is back in action. Two years ago we became second during the world soccer championships.
Since I'm a huge fan of soccer and all soccer events, I want to remain the great atmosphere and be a part of the orange legion, as we Dutchies say. How would I do that? With nails of course! Let me show you my nails for this Euro 2012.

Tomorrow is the very first game of the Dutch team and I will be sitting at hom,e with some friends and family, in my orange shirt and with my fancy orange manicure. Why all orange? Because it's the national color of the Netherlands.

This is my manicure I made to kick off the very first game for the Dutch team.
My nails are painted in, of course, orange, and dotted with the colors red, white and blue. The three colors of the Dutch flag. I didn't wanted to do something difficult and wanted to keep my Euro 2012 manicure as simple as possible.

If your European, do you also wear a manicure with your countries flag or national color(s) to support your country as well? Others, would you ever fit your manicure to an national event? 


  1. Heel erg leuk en schattig.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Zulke stipjes heb ik vaker gezien, dat is echt zo cute! :)

  3. Leuk gedaaaan! :D

  4. Ziet er erg mooi uit! Ook heel netjes gedaan.

  5. Super cute. Love the background colour.

  6. I love your nails. I love combining football with nail art as well. I support England and I've had our flag painted on my nails and currently I have footballs painted on my nails, with the England flage as an accent nail. Your design is super cute.