Hello and welcome to the About -page on NailsByStephanie.

My name is Stèphanie, blogger of NailsByStephanie, and 24 y/o. My birthday is on January the 24th, which makes me an Aquarius. 
I still live with my parents and my (two years, two months and two days) younger brother in a town in the Netherlands.

My education and work
At this moment I'm studying for elementary school teacher at the Fontys University. 
Before I decided to do this education I studied Social Pedogogical Worker at a community college, an education with three specializations; disabled care, classassistant for elementary school and daycare. I specialized as a classassistant. After I got my diploma I didn't wanted to work as an classassistant so I worked at a daycare. After a while I wanted to do something else. I always wanted to teach kids so being a school teacher is something that would fit me best.
I work two parttime jobs. I work at a restaurant and as an entertainer for kids. I take care of the animation and entertainment at different campsites and resorts. 

One of my hobbies is acting. I've been taking acting classes since the age of 9. I always wanted to go to a theatreschool but my mom wouldn't let me. She didn't wanted me to go to a theatreschool because, as she always said, you're never going to get a decent job as an actrice. My acting dream faded away.. but instead of going to a theatreschool I had been travelling around the country to do auditions for years. 
Another hobby is singing. I've took some singingclasses a few years ago. Other thing I love to do is dancing. I always used to dance when I was a kid. I've even danced in a showteam for summer 2011. Travelling around the country to perform a musical dancing show. I love being in the spotlight and being noticed by others.
I like to spend my freetime with my friends, improve my social abillity haha, going out, see a movie or go shopping.

My blog; Nailsbystephanie
Nail polish to me is an addiction. It all started when I was a young girl. Whenever I went shopping with my mom I always ran to make up section of the store where we were at that moment. I was so fascinated about all the bottle of nail polishes, I could stare at it for hours. If I'd been a good girl and if I could find the most beautiful color, my mom promissed me to buy that most beautiful nail polish for me.
When I reached the age of 21, and realised I got a huge nail polish collection I decided to start my own blog. I wanted to share my interests of nail polish with other people with the same "passion". But why in English instead of Dutch? I wanted to share my interest of nail polish with all kinds of people all around the world. Besides, I'm learning better English than I could ever. So, if you find any orthographic faults, please comment and correct me. I like to learn from my mistakes.

Welcome to my blog and enjoy reading!

xoxo Stephanie