Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tutorial: Cupcake Nails!

This isn't really the best time to do a cupcake tutorial. I think some kind of Halloween nail tutorial should have been better for this time of year. Maybe next time! For now; a cupcake nail tutorial!

Things you need:
- Basecoat
- Base color
- Four to six different colors of nail polish
- A dottingtool or a toothpick.
- Nail decoration as beads or rhinestones are optional.
- Topcoat

Step 1; Put a basecoat on your nails. Let dry and paint your nails in a basecoat.

Step 2; Choose a you're now going to use as the case of the cupcake. Paint them on the tips of your nails. Don't have tips? Fake them by painting the lower half of your nails. It doesn't have to look pretty because you're going to paint a little over the top part of the polish.

Step 3; Draw some vertical stripes on the part you just painted.

Step 4; Draw on the cake/icing part of the cupcake. I made the top part of it just as round as my cuticle on that same nail and draw some arcs over the case part. Fill in the part with nail polish and let dry.

Step 5; Put some random little dots on the icing part by using a dottingtool or toothpick. You can use one color, or as me three different colors.

Step 6; If you want you can put some nail decoration, as beads or rhinestones on the top of the cupcake just to finish it off.
Step 7; Last step is topcoat! Topcoat will seal everything together and makes your nail art last a little longer.

I didn't knew how to explain some parts. I'm sorry if you don't know what I mean at some point, but that is why I support tutorials with pictures, which will make everything visual if you can't folow my explanation. I still hope this tutorial helped you!


  1. Zulke nailart maakt mij helemaal vrolijk. YUMYUM, nu heb ik zo zin in een lekker cupecake. Mooie gedaan, je legt alles altijd zo goed en duidelijk uit in een tutorial.
    Liefs, xx

  2. this is so cute and easy

  3. ill try it right now