Here you will find the most Frequently Asked Questions on me, my blog and nail products. If your question still isn't awnsered, please, feel free to ask your question by commenting below in an article or just by email.

On which days will you post a blog?
I'll post an article on every tuesday. I only blog once a week. If I have the time to write more than just one article a week you can expect the other one on just a random day.

Why do you only post once a week and not daily?
I only post once a week because I do this for fun. Posting a blog more than once or twice a week is more an obligation than "just for fun". Since I still study and my after-school-time is mostly occupied with homework I cannot spend a lot of time on my blog.

Where did you learned how to do nail art?
Well, they always say pratice makes perfect. In my case this is the only awnser I can give you. I started painting little things one my nails when I younger. After a while I used just nailpolish, toothpicks, and that's how it all began. 

What is your favorite brand of nailpolish?
My absolute favorite is China Glaze. China Glaze has lots of colors and textures you can choose from. They come with an new collection every few months. Other brands also have a lot of different colors, texture and substance but, to be honest, some are too expensive for me.

What do you use to edit your photos?
I just start working with Paint Shop Pro 9. My dad recommended it to me and for me this program is the easiest to work with. I don't photoshop, I don't even know how to, I only adjust the sizes of my photos.

May I use your pictures for my own blog or website?
Yes you can, but only if you use a link to my blog and the article you got it from. Please note me when you do. I'd love to see my work and blog as an inspiration for others.