Saturday, June 18, 2011

NOTD/Tutorial: Love Lace!

I just did my nails with Konad. This is what I made: A cute(I think it's cute) lace nail made with just one Konad image plate. The idea of this nail art is not from myself but from Meliney, a Australian woman who makes lots of different nail art tutorials on YouTube. Not only with Konad but also freehanded nail art. This is how my nails look like right now, after watching a video from Meliney and trying it just once on my nails.

I used a red/pinkish base(Red-y To Go from Essence) color and of course the M57 image plate from Konad. I have this image plate for a while right now but I never knew how to make a cute nail art with the striped lace images. Thanks to people on YouTube, who share their creations, people like me can find lots of different creations you can make with just one image plate and different images.

Above the tutorial I used for my nails. At first I thought I would be quit difficult to do because you have to stamp the image diagonal onto your nails. But if it goes well the first time it probably can't go wrong the other nine times. A nail creation like this is easy, fast and fun to do and everybody can do it!


  1. wauw dat is echt freakin mooi en super knap dat je dat kunt!