Friday, January 27, 2012

Tutorial: Owls!

Owls are hotter than hot! I see people everywhere wearing owl bracelets, earrings, necklaces and even owls on nails. I'm a person that follows a trend when I like it, and I really like owls at the moment. Last week I wanted to do some owl nails but couldn't find any tutorial(I liked) online to make my own owl nails. That's why I made this tutorial. Hope you like it!

Things you need:
- Basecoat;
- For each owl two polishes of the same color but in two different shades(light/dark);
- Orange polish;
- White polish;
- Black polish;
- Topcoat
- Dotting tool;
- Scotch tape or tip guide stickers(optional);
- Nail polish remover(optional);
- Cotton pads(optional).

Step 1; Apply a basecoat to prevent the nails from discoloration.
Step 2; Paint the nails in the darkest shade of a color of your choice, don't paint the moons of your nails(as in moon manicure). This will make the body of the owls.
You can do this step by hand or use scotchtape or tip guide stickers if you find it difficult.

Step 3; Now using the lightest shade of polish, paint a half circle at the bottem part of the nails like so on the picture above. This part will make the belly of the owls. 

Step 4; Going back to the darkest shade of nail polish, make some random dots with a dottingtool in the half circles you made earlier. Instead of making dots you can also make heart just to give the owls a different look.

Step 5; Now going on with the pecker of the owl. Paint with an orange polish and a dottingtool a little triangle up side down in the middle and at the top part of the half circle.

Step 6; Now going further with the eyes. Make two larger dots with a white nail polish like so on the picture above.

Step 7; Alright, last few steps and we're done. Using a black nail polish and a dottingtool, make a dot in the white of the eyes. The dots don't have to be in the middle. I like it when it looks like the owl is looking at something at the right or left and sometimes even squint.
Step 8; When everything is dry you can seal you "artwork" with a layer of topcoat.

That are all the steps to make these owls. Not very hard to do, for some step you need a steady hand. I haven't had a steady hand, but as they say: practise makes perfect. And it does because I really notice that making a nail art, simular to this one, is easier to do when you do it more often.

What do you think of the whole nail trend? And have you ever tried a owl nail art?