Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Essence Nail Fashion Stickers Gel Style

More than a year ago I tried and reviewed the Nail Fashion Stickers from Essence. Boy, I hated those stickers. I'm not going to link that post right here because it was just awefull. But now, Essence just came with a new sort of nail stickers. This time made out of gel. Are these better than the original stickers?

This gel stickers come in a silver package like this. You find the gel stickers in the inside of the package, as well as the description how to apply the stickers.

Now, I want to do a test with these gel stickers because the original ones didn't fit my nails the way they supposed to be. I'm going to call this the nailarchtest. Some people have very flat nails, I don't. This causes the problem of a lot of nail application, some nail applications don't stretch and bend to get the perfect manicure. Look at this picture above to see what I'm talking about. My nails have an arch, sideways and front.

This is how the gel stickers look like when you get them out of the package. Sealed in a little plastic case. This is to protect the stickers from damaging and the gel from drying out. Because the stickers are made out of gel they are also high glossy.

First step is making your nails greaseproof by using nail polish remover, or polish your nails in a desired color. 
Step two is to measure wich stickers fits on wich nail. I did this with just holding my nails above the stickers and guessing wich stickers will be using on what nail.

Third step is to peel off a nail stickers and apply it to the desired nail. Put the edge of the sticker near your cuticle, leaving a couple millimeters between your cuticle and the edge of your nail sticker. You have to do this the right way immediately because once applied you can take it back off and re-apply, but I don't stick to your nails as it did the first time.
Fourth step is to press the sticker onto the nail and file off any excess nail sticker. This sounds easy but is in practise a little harder to do, plus it is very time consuming.
When you're finished with all these steps you can apply a topcoat to protect the nails and seal the edges make the stickers last a little longer on your nails.

This is the endresult! Looks pretty good, right? The hardest thing was to file the edges off, but with a cup of tea by my side I just took my time to file them off and made them look like this. But did the gel stickers passed my test? Let's have a look!

Yes they did pass the test! Look how sticker fits my nail. I'm very glad and happy I found some nail application that fit the arch of my nails! And they are very easy to remove with just one peel.

- Price, the nail stickers are very cheap;
- Available in different designs;
- Applicable on bare and polishes nails;
- Passed the nailarchtest;
- Easy to remove.

- Harder to apply than the package says;
- Peels off within one day.

Would I ever buy this product again?

What do you think, would you ever try these stickers yourself? If you have ever tried these, what do you think of the gel nail stickers?


  1. Zelf zal ik ze niet zo snel gaan gebruiken, alleen wat zien ze er al zo leuk uit! xx

  2. Blijven ze lang/goed zitten.? xx

    1. "Peels off within one day." Heb ik in het artikel staan. Nee, ze blijven dus niet erg lang zitten. Ze lagen na een dag alweer in de prullenbak. Jammer, maar wel leuk voor een feestje.

  3. ze zien er erg leuk uit! jammer dat ze zo snel los raken