Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trend 2012/Tutorial: Border Nails

There's a new nail trend going 'round the globe. That's right, border nails are the new hit for this year. As the name already says, a border around the nails. Like a pictureframe around your nails. I did this manicure a couple times and now, I've found the easiest way to make them yourself!

The things you need:
- Basecoat;
- Two colored polishes;
- Nailart brush;
- Topcoat.

Step 1. We start of with a basecoat to prevent the nails from discoloration.
Step 2. The easiest way for me doing this border manicure is to paint your whole nail one color in the color you want the border to be.

Step 3. Paint the innerpart with some nail polish and a nail art brush. Let the polish dry and repeat the last part again. This makes a crisp line and the middle color look more pigmented. I did my manicures with acrylic paint, I find this easier to work with when doing such delicate work.
Step 4. Of course, topcoat your nice looking border manicure!

For some this may be very difficult to do. Al you have to have is a steady hand and patience. If my tutorial isn't good or concrete enough you can also watch a little video I made. I did the border nail on myself, filming it. Bare with me, the video is bad(quality wise and everything else, haha), but it's just to show you how to do the border manicure, and especially the inner part.

I think I like this new trend! I love mixing and matching different colors, and this is a perfect manicure to do so. What do you think of this manicure?