Friday, October 12, 2012

Day #18 Half Moons

I am so stupid you know that. My last update on the 31 Day Nail Challenge was somewhere at the end of June. A month ago I wanted to continue with the challenge. I made a very pretty moon manicure and made pictures of it. Then I went to Amsterdam for Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball concert and had to delete all my pictures on my camera because my memorycard was full! Here are the pictures of the moon manicure I had to redo.

The moon manicure I made was just the regular moon manicure but because I could redo this manicure I decided to make a reverse moon mani. I like this one better, but I don't really like the way I painted my nails. If you see the black polish is all streaky and here and there seethrough.

Eventhough I kinda like the reverse manicure, I'm very excited to make the next manicure; galaxy nails! 

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