Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tutorial: Watermelon Nails!

Watermelon is, next to pineapple and strawberries, one of my favorite summer fruits. It doesn't even taste great, it looks great too. The green skin with the pinkish pulp inside. Hmm.. and because it's still summer where I live, why not paint watermelon on my nails!?

The things your need:
- Base coat
- Pink polish
- Three different shades of green polish
- Black (striper) polish
- White (striper) polish(optional)
- Top Coat
- Nail art brush(optional)
- Toothpick(optional)

Step 1; Apply a base coat, let dry and apply your pink polish. It's not a big deal if the tips still shine through, we're going to paint over the tips later.

Step 2; Now, pick one green polish and paint the tips of your nails green like on the picture above. If you find this too hard to do by hand, you can always use scotch tape or special tip painters.

Step 3; Draw vertical stripes on the green tips you just painted. Use the two green polishes that are still left. You can use a nail art brush, a striper or a tooth pick to do this.

Step 4; Take your black striper or a black polish and a nail art brush and paint oval kernels. You can draw them just randomly but I liked to paint them in a half circle.

Step 5; Now, this step is totally optional for you. I didn't liked the line of the green tips so I decided to draw a line in white with a white striper polish.

Step 6; Last step! Top coat. Be carefull, you don't want to smear some polish.. and that's it. Watermelon nails! Hmm... I'm getting hunger. Haha. 

And that, ladies and gentlefriends, is my watermelon manicure. You like 'em? I do, but I think I could have done the white line better. Ah well. Better luck next time! 


  1. Wat zijn ze goed gelukt! Ze zien er ook super uit,zeg! :D

  2. Het ziet er heel lastig uit maar na deze tutorial lijkt het mij wel goed te doen. Leuke nailart.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. I still need to try this! Look super cute!

  4. Die zijn leuk gelukt! Ik vind ze heel cute haha.

  5. Wat schattig! Mooi gelukt :)

  6. I meant to try a watermelon nailo design this summer, but never got round to it. That design is super cute, I think it looks great, white line and all!