Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tutorial: Galaxy Nails

I actually wanted to do a galaxy nail tutorial for a while. When I started the 31 Nail Challenge I thought I could just wait till day 19. The day where I have to wear galaxy nails(which I just posted last week) and make a tutorial! Easy said than done. But, as promised to myself, a galaxy tutorial! 

The things you need:
- Basecoat
- Black polish
- White polish
- Three to four different color polishes
- Glitter polish
- Topcoat
- (Cosmetic) Sponge
- Dottingtool, painter or nailart brush
- Cotton pads or q-tips
- Nail polish remover

Step 1; Use a basecoat to prevent your nails from discoloration and paint it with a black polish. This black is the base of our galaxy nails. 

Step 2; We're going to create the nebula! Take your white polish and a cosmetic sponge. If you don't have a cosmetic sponge you can also use a regular sponge. Put some white polish on a piece of paper or on a palette. Dip the sponge into the white polish and dab sponge with the white polish onto your nails.

Step 3; Repeat step two with all the other colors you chose. If you think you used too much color, you can always use your black polish and sponge some color away. If you are glad with your nebula and how your nails look, go to the next step.

Step 4; Take a dottingtool, painter- or nailart brush and your white polish and start making random little dots onto the nails. These dots represent the comets.

Step 5; Last step to complete your galaxy nails is to add a glitter polish. I used a holographic polish to give the manicure more dept. 

Step 6; All you have to do now is to add your topcoat to prevent the manicure from chipping, clean up the polish on the edges with some remover, q-tips or a painterbrush. Voilá, you're done!

That's it for the galaxy manicure tutorial. I really, really like it! How about you? What do you think of this manicure? Have you ever created your own galaxy manicure? 


  1. Erg gaaf gedaan. Ik heb dit een hele tijd geleden met een vriendin samen van mij geprobeerd.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Wauw, heel leuk gedaan :) en duidelijke uitleg!