Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tutorial + Review: Flocking Powder

Flocking powder, also known as velvet powder. I got this stuff a couple months back which I showed you in my Ebay haul that time, but I haven't really had time to try and review this stuff. Now I finally did so get ready for a tutorial on how to get flocking powder onto your nails and a little review.

This is how the flocking powder looks like. It looks very soft and fluffy but when you touch it it's actually hard. Flocking powder is actually little and tiny fibers of velvet, that's why flocking powder is also known as velvet powder.

What you need:
- Base coat
- A colored polish. I prefer one that is the same color as the flocking powder I'm going to be using. 
- Flocking powder
- Tweezer 
- Little brush, I used a fan-brush.

Step 1; How can you get the flocking powder on you nails? Well you apply it each fingernail at the time because you don't want to let the nail polish dry in between time. Just paint your nails with the color flocking powder you're going to be using. I'm going to use red flocking powder, so I'm going to use a red nail polish as well.

Step 2; Take some of the flocking powder with your tweezer and lay in onto your wet nail polish. Press the flocking powder into the wet nail polish with your finger. Now you have to let dry the nail polish underneath. Meanwhile you can do your other nails.

Step 3; When you did all your nails and your nail polish is dry, take your brush and brush away the excess flocking powder. That's it. You don't need any top coat because that's going to take away the color of the velvet.

I think these flocking nails look very cute. Many people do and they all wanted to touch my nails. "They look so fluffy!" people said. 

The number one question I got from friends was about washing my hands and rinsing away the fibers. Don't worry about washing your hand. Because your pressed the flocking powder into your nail polish it stays on your nails and doesn't wash off that easily. I did noticed after a couple days that I lost some of the flocking powder during the days. I got some bald spots, but because I applied the same color of polish you couldn't really see the bald spots from a distance. 

Have you already tried any texture on your nails like flocking powder? What do you think of it, would this be a huge trend as they say or is it a big no-no?

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