Tuesday, June 18, 2013

50 Facts About Me!

Bonjour! The 50 facts tag is been going around like crazy. It's popping up on every blog and YouTube account I look at. I made one too. Time to share it with you. (That rhymes!)

1. I purchased a keyboard a couple years ago because I wanted to learn how to play a keyboard, but I've never followed any lessons so I still don't know how to play a keyboard. 
2. I have an agenda which I only use to write stuff in. I never look back at it.
3. I love drinking Rooibos tea when it's cold outside.
4. I've seen Titanic way too many times.. I even know every line.
5. I can laugh hysterically at my own jokes.
6. I love watching a good soccor game and I even know what offside means.
7. Our local soccor team is PSV and I have a season ticket for the team to go see every single match.
8. I have lucid dreams.
9. I sing in the shower, in my car, when I'm riding my bicycle and every time I hear a song.
10. I get tanned really easily, I don't even have to do my best to get a tan.

11. Sometimes I just want to break out in dancing and singing just like they do in musicals.
12. I have a celeb crush on Matt Bomer. Sigh! He's so hot.
13. I don't really like scary movies. I never find them scary enough and most of them make me laugh because of  the bad acting skills or bad special effects.
14. I don't use butter on my bread. I think it gives a nasty buttery layer on my tongue.  
15. I study to become a school teacher. 
16. ..but I still want to live my dream and be an actress on stage.
17. I have more than 10 years of acting experience.
18. When I was a teenager I traveled around the country to do auditions and screentests for different tv shows and movies.
19. My mom and I have the same voice. When I pick up the phone many people think it's my mom when it's just me even though when I say it's me talking.
20. I have a scar near my nose. I got it when I was younger when riding my bike and fell against a curb.

21. I'm hyper mobile. 
22. I can spend hours playing The Sims 3.
23. I love spending money on Ebay.
24. I always said golden jewelry looks tacky. The only jewelry I'm wearing lately is golden.
25. I'm Dutch, but I don't like Dutch food.
26. Unlike many others, I did like the Fifty Shades Trilogy and didn't want it to end.
27. Secretly I want to find myself a Christian Grey, haha.
28. No, I've never tried the bondage stuff and I'm not willing to try.
29. I can get really emotional when listening to a musical piece.
30. Hearing people chew makes me absolutely crazy.

31. I've done professional dancing a couple years back. Yes I got paid for it.
32. I'm a vegetarian.
33. I have a sweettooth.
34. I'm eating a coconut biscuit covered in sugar while writing this.
35. Even though I love chocolate, I can't have any because I'm allergic to it.
36. I always make 'to do lists'.
37. I've done P90x a couple years ago, I hated it!
38. I'm now doing 30 Day Shred.
39. I'm going to try out for our cheerleading squad for next season but I've never done cheerleading before.
40. I live in the city.

41. My tension is comparable to a little child ones.
42. All my socks are pink.
43. One of my biggest fears is needles. 
44. I've always been claustrofobic, but I have experienced I'm not as afraid of small rooms anymore as I did a couple years back.
45. I am terrified of spiders!
46. I love reptiles and amphibians and would like to have a couple(frog, turtle, gecko and chameleon) as a pet.
47. I have over 450 nail polishes.
48. I've never had surgery before. Knock on wood!
49. Seeing and smelling the ocean makes me feel free.
50. I have a bad memory and I have to set my alarm clock for every single thing I plan to do.

I actually thought this was hard to do but if I would I could make another list easily! Did you read any similarity? Name some of your fun random facts!

Source pictures: GoogleWeHeartIt and PSV

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