Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rainbow Tag! Nail Polish Edition

I think every blogger or YouTuber has done the Rainbow tag. I wanted to do this tag too and made a beauty edition of it, then I deleted it cause I don't think a beauty related article suits my nail blog. Then I decided to make the Rainbow Tag, nail polish only, and so I did! :D

For the ones who never heard of the Rainbow Tag; You get ever single color from the rainbow with two additional colors pink and multicolor. Then you have to pick one of your favorite product that has that particular color or product with that specific color in the packaging. For nail polish this was really easy because I looked at the nail polish color itself. 

First red polish is Too Too Hot from Essie. A very pretty vibrant true red color which has a hint of orange in it. I got this polish two years ago and is my favorite red polish since.

That's right, two polishes. I couldn't decide between these two. First one is Haute as Hello from Essie, a beautiful coral polish. Coral is not really an orange color, but according to the html color list coral is definitly an orange toned color.
Second polish is one of my newest polishes. OPI's Jinx, a liquid sand polish. It's an coral orange polish with matte orange and golden glitters and shimmers in it. It looks beautiful in direct sunlight!

My favorite yellow! The color is soft and makes me look tan when I'm wearing this on my nails. Which nail polish I hear you ask? Lemon Fizz from China Glaze.

Sold Out Forever from Catrice. I think this polish is the most sold polish from 2011. It really was sold out forever, well almost forever. I remember getting this polish two years back. Beauty bloggers mentioned this polish as THE dupe for Chanels Jade nail polish.. and everywere I went when wearing this polish, girls recognized this polish. 

No, not a bright color. I couldn't really decide between my favorites so I decided to go get another polish that wasn't really on my mind. Then I bumped on this polish, which is my favorite in the darker months. China Glaze First Mate from the Anchors Away collection.

Okay, this is weird, haha. I don't really like indigo colors. I never wear them on my nails, but I do have a favorite indigo color. You can't really tell but Golden Rose 314 is more of a jelly polish with dark blue and purple glass flecks which make this polish indigo. 

For violet I chose a holographic polish. LOL from China Glaze. It's just a orchid or dark violet color with some spectaflair. Love it! I don't have any swatches, but over here you can see them from others. 

I got two polishes for this color. Just because I couldn't decided between them.
First polish is OPI La Paz-Itively Hot. I got this polish last year at our airport. I've already used it half up. I think this is the most fast drying pink polish with a shine. I used this polish for this manicure.
Second polish is Flip Flop Fantasy, which I'm wearing on my toes right now. It's not really a pink polish, it's more of a neon coral polish with a hint of pink, but this polish HAD to be in this tag! Haha.

Last but not least, a multi glitter polish. Essence Circus Confetti. This one looks exactly like OPI Rainbow Connection and Deborah Lipmann Happy Birthday. It's one of the happiest glitter polishes I have. The glitters have different colors, sizes and shapes. It's like confetti in a bottle. Love it! Here to see some swatches.

That's the rainbow tag! What do you think of my favorite polishes? Have you done the rainbow tag already? Leave a link to it down below to share yours!

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