Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tutorial: SpringTime!

Hi! Today I’m going to be doing a spring look. I know it takes a while before it's spring.. but I just made this look real quick for a contest I joined and I wanted to share it with you. I'm not gonna skip one of the tutorials I promissed to post here in November, this is just an extra tutorial. Enjoy!

The nailpolishes I used:                                What else do you need?
Lóreal - Opale Pink                                       Qtips
China Glaze - Spontaneous                           Nailpolishremover
China Glaze - Shocking Pink                          Toothpicks or nailartbrush
2B - White                                                   Sponge
2B - Green
Essence - Fatal
Essence - Shocking Blue
Essence - Check Me Out
Essence Striper - Pink!
Essence Striper - Flower Power

 We are gonna start the look with a blue base. Make sure the blue your are using is not to dark, we want it to be the sky, not a deep water.

Second step is green. Put this on the bottemside of your nail. This is going to be the grass.

For the third step you're gonna sponge two colors of green together on the green on your nail. Blend it a little bit in with the blue you already have on your nails.

Next are the clouds. Sponge the clouds with a little white nailpolish. I doesn't have to be much.

If everything is dry you're gonna draw dark green little sticks/stems with a toothpick or nailartbrush on the grass you made. It's your decision how many you are going to draw.
Last step are the petals of the flower. I cannot describe how to make them, it just a matter of being precise and practise. If you think your nail is still a little plain and bleak you can also make a sun or a butterfly. After everything is done and dry all you have to do is put a topcoat on your nail to seal everything and remove all the exess nailpolish on your cuticles.

Tip: If you don't have many colors you can also mix some nailpolishes together to get the right color you need.

xoxo Stephanie


  1. Schattig! Leuke tutorial :) en het is nooit te vroeg om weer aan de lente te denken, ben de regen zat!

  2. Wauw!
    Echt geweldig gedaan zeg!!!

  3. so pretty...Im ur new follower now..

  4. wow i would had never thought of this what a great and unique design!!!!!