Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tag: 13 Things..

13 Things you don't know about me!

Yes, I got tagged!! Once in a while I'm going to post a personal blog or a tagvideo. Not very often cause I made this blog for my love: nailpolish! If you want to you can also make your own 13 things and post it on your blog!

1. I do not have a boyfriend. Everybody thinks I have one. When I'm at a party they ask where 'my guy' is. There is no guy in my life at this moment. I just haven't met the right one jet. And yes, sometime I do feel alone and yes, sometimes I do wanna have a boyfriend.. just to cuddle when watching a movie. And other things! :)

2. I love to travel! I've been to Australie, Malasia, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Croatia and many more countries. If I have more money I will definitly do some more travelling.

3. My nails are real! Even the children in my class ask me if they are real or not. Cause they say they look fake. Even my mom thinks their acrylic. Well.. let me tell you something. Like I said: They are real! And ofcourse, sometimes I do break a nail. But also then I don't stick a fake one on my nail to make all my nails look the same lenght. I do have them in a box, but I just practice some nailart on them.

4. I've been working for the last 2 years on a daycare. Which I still do in the holidays. But I've been working there parttime with a 0 hour contract. Because I couldn't find a fulltime job on a daycare I decided to go back to school again.

5. I am crybaby! I have seen Titanic more than 10 times and I still cry when Rose finds out that Jack isn't responding anymore. Need I say more? 

6. Claustrophobic, that is what I am.. or have. It all started before a swimmingclass. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom. Guess what happend(haha).. I could not get the door open! I've been stuck in that bathroom for about 4 minutes and those 4 minutes traumatized me so much. Nowadays I can go to the bathroom with locking it. Which I couldn't do after that incident. But things as a elevator still scare me out. I don't like them. If I have to go to the 13th floor, I'd rather walk the stairs than take that stupid elevator!

7. I am not religious.. I do have a rosery hanging in my room. Just because it's my grandma's who was very deer to me.

8. I have my driving-licence.. and a car! Here in Holland you can get your licence when you're 18 years old and because I look younger than I am, people think I don't have my driving-licence(which is obvious when you are younger). If I am going out and people recognize that I am not drinking alcohol they ask me why. "Well I still have to drive home." And then comes the most asked question to me: "How old were you?'"

9. I have never ever went to a barbershop!! Why? Cause my mom I a hairdresser and always does my hair.

10. I sing and act! The first singingclass I went to was on my 18th year. I loved it and I never stopped singing. I've been following actingclasses since I was 10. I still love it.. it's a way of expressing my feelings and it is so much fun to play a character that is not you. My favorite serie on tv is Glee.. could you guess?

11. This has actually something to do with #10. I love doing auditions. I've done some auditions for musicals, tv-shows and movies. One of them is Popstars, in 2008 I did a audition for this talentshow. I didn't came far.. I had a huge blackout! But I'm coming back, haha! I just filled in a form for X-Factor 2011!

12. You all know I have a lot of nailpolish! But my second love is makeup. I'm the worst. I follow the best makeupartist on YT and my makeupstash is not like a regular person.

13. I am afraid of needles! I wanna have a tattoo but I am to scared to go get one. I don't get why I am so scared of getting one cause I do have a couple of piercings..

Hope you liked it!
xoxo Stephanie

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  1. luv your nails.btw got a new post maybe you'll like it:)