Thursday, January 06, 2011

China Glaze 'Peachy Keen'

China Glaze's Peachy Keen. This color is bright pastel peach. It might look a bit orange in real life but it is definitly a peachcolor.

The nailpolish is creamy and maybe a little bit hard to apply well in the beginning. I seemed to get a lot of stripes at first but after a while the just melt into the rest of the polish on your nail and those stripes will disappear. The polish is thicker than other nailpolishes from China Glaze. You can compare the thickness with the polishes from the Krome Collection. Peachy Keen has great pigment and one coat is more than enough, but I always put two layers of nailpolish on my nail just to give the right effect.

The sustainability of this nailpolish is around four days without any base- or topcoat.

Peachy Keen is part of the Up and Away-collection, the spring 2010 collection from China Glaze. That doesn't mean the color is just a spring color. I think this color is also fun in the summer, maybe even in the winter just to bright up your day. (Winter is already depressing enough with all the dark colors)

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  1. I love this color! I'm actually wearing a little of it right now! Check out my blog! Following you now :)