Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Nail Display Wheels

The time has come.. I purchased nails wheels! And the reason of that is because I have so many nailpolishes that if I want to color my nails I'm spending way too long just to pick out a color.

A nail wheel is a plastic wheel with superior fake-nails. Wheels are made for displaying nailpolishes. Store that sell nailpolish mostly have a nailwheel hanging next the polishes to show you the colors how they would look like outside the bottle. But nail wheels are not for stores and nailart-artists anymore. Any person who likes nail wheels can buy them nowadays online.

I bought mine on Ebay, I ordered 20 clear nailwheels for 11 dollars including shippingcosts. I ordered clear nailwheels, but I got white ones instead. I don't know why but I'm also glad with white colored wheels. Each wheels has 20 nails to display your nailpolish on.
I organized my nail wheels in colorcategories; Silver/glitter, red, pink 1, pink 2, blue, orange/peach, yellow, black/grey/white, purple, green and brown/nude -tone colors.
I numbered all the nails on the wheels, swatched every single color I own on the wheels with two coats and listed them on my laptop. This all took me 14 hours to do! I know, crazy right, but I'm glad I did because now choosing a nailpolish is so much easier than before.

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