Monday, January 03, 2011

Essence Nail Fashion Stickers

I've always been curious for nailfoil and nailstickers. When I go shopping I always seen them in a little corner of the shop just whispering my name(haha). And two weeks ago I bought two pair of nailstickers. I bought the silver and pink-armyprint stickers from Essence for 4 euros total. Essence has 14 different stickers you can choose from.

The packaging says 'no drying time, easy on/off, no chipping and lasts up to 5 days'. Time for me to try them out!

This is what the rest of the packaging say:
Your nail design will last up to 5 days! Can easily ben removed by peeling them off like a sticker. For a shiny finish seal the design with an essence top coat. Also applicable on artificial nails, gels and acrylics.

Here's how: Perfectly styled nails within seconds!
1. Be sure that your natural nails are clean and greaseless, if necessary push back cuticles.
2. Select correct size strip for each nail.
3. Apply the predecorated nail fashion stickers onto your nails.
Important; Place rounded edge against cuticles line, but still leave a little space between cuticles and nail fashion sticker.
4. Press sticker onto nail while flatten the surface through rubbing.
5. Smooth excess over nail edge, gentle file off excess of the sticker with essence special fashion file.

The first one I tried out was the Light Forever one. Before you're going to start you have to pick a sticker that has to correct size of the nail you are going to put it on. The whole putting-it-neatly-on-your-nails is the hardest part. Step 4 says "press the sticker". But that is a thing I found out not to do at first. If you placed the rounded edge on your nail first, you have to strech the sticker towards the tip of your nail and then press the whole sticker onto the nail. After that the sticker will have wrinkles. To get rid of them you need to rub and they will disappear. Well.. that is what Essence says. I rubbed the hell away and after a while the wrinkles where still there!

Then I tried Drama Queen, the pinkish stickers. The application was easier. Not just because I've applied the stickers before but because the stickers were so much thinner than the Light Forever ones. But still the wrinkles didn't go away after rubbing. Too bad, I really liked the print of the stickers.

How long did the stickers stay on my nails? Maybe 5 minutes. I took them right off when I made pictures. It's a real sticker that you can easily get off your nails.

My experiment with this nailart is.. how can I say? Not very positive.
Would I buy this again? No, but it was fun to try them out. Maybe I'll try the nailfoils sometime.


  1. Ik had het ook eens gedaan, bij mij zagen ze er wel goed uit!

  2. Ik denk dat 't dan geld verspilling is he?!

  3. Btw, zullen we elkaar volgen?
    Wij volgen je al!

  4. ^ Geldverspilling kun je wel zeggen.. gelukkig heb ik deze laatst gekocht met was discount.

  5. Oh wat grappig ik heb de afgelopen dagen ook de stickers van essence geprobeerd. Bij mij zijn ze wel veel beter blijven zitten als bij jou zo te zien. ik had de tijgerprint zeg maar en zal er binnenkort ook een revieuw over maken. Ik vind ze best boven verwachting goed eigenlijk. ik las er veel negatieve revieuws over maar ze bleven goed zitten en ik had er best wat reacties op. Men zag niet eens dat het een sticker was (kan natuurlijk ook aan de personen in kwestie liggen haha) Maar leuk dat je er ook een stuk over hebt geschreven en om te zien hoe het bij anderen werkt.


  6. Laats las ik een review waarbij ditzelfde product wel goed beviel. Raar hoe zoiets zomaar kan verschillen per persoon. Ik heb het twee keer geprobeerd en had twee keer hetzelfde probleem terwijl het bij andere in één keer perfect gaat. Nouja, ben benieuwd naar jouw review hierover!