Friday, December 31, 2010

My Nails Of 2010

It's the end of the year. And at the end of the year you always look back at some things that happend. These "things" are not always positive. But here on NailsByStephanie it's positive!
As some of you might know that I just started this blog sbout a couple of months ago. But before I made or even decided to make this blog I was already into nailart. Not just nailart as in Konad but also nailart by hand.
Now I want to look back ate my nailart from last year, stamping or handmade, and share this with you guys! Don't mind the angle of the photocamera, haha.

Turned Up Turquoise by China Glaze with some Konad. 

Handmade look with stripers. Color is Shoking Pink from China Glaze. With this look I won a nailart contest on the internet.

Of course the American flag! I always get compliment when I have this on my nails. Not to long ago I made a tutorial of this nailart.

Pantherprint, made with konad. Basecolor is Gold from GOSH Cosmetics. Everytime I wear this my grandma start commenting that I'm trash with these nails, haha.

Handmade french manicure with pink and purple stripes.

My Fifa World Cup-nails. Orange is the colors of my country, the red/white/blue for the Dutch flag. To bad we didn't won the finalgame.. I'm still sad about it.

 My first french manicure made with Konad! Which was really hard to do for me. I think the flowers and other images are easy to put on but the french tips were very hard to do.

I hope you liked it and untill next year; 'Happy New Year!', don't drink to much and be carefull with all the fireworks. :D

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