Friday, March 16, 2012

Day #9 Rainbow

I had the design for this manicure in my head since I knew there was a rainbow manicure coming up. I wanted to do a french rainbow manicure and this is how my nails ended up looking.. rainbow style!

Getting the right shades and colors nail polish was hard for me to get. I have tons of nail polish but had to choose a couple colors that were important for making a rainbow. First I got 13 polishes for this manicure. Thirteen polishes! From red to voilet, in rainbow order. Then I realized I just couldn't wear that many polishes from left to right in a space of just one centimeter. So I had to select a few polishes to wear on my nails. Then I got down to five. Five is fair enough for my nails.. and I got started.

First I painted my nails with this nuetral polish. Then I used Tip Guides to get the right shape for my tips. Then I painted my tips one by one using all the rainbow colors I selected. It was very easy to do and I think the result looks more difficult and more time consuming than I actually was.


  1. Heel leuk, lekker vrolijk! En dat zilveren lijntje maakt het echt af :)

  2. Dit ziet er leuk en vrolijk uit.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. Wat heerlijk vrolijk, ziet het eruit! :)

  4. Ziet er leuk uit!