Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day #8 Metallic

For this day I used a metallic magnetic polish. The polish I used is Essence Iron Goddess from te LE Metallics collection. The color of this polish is coppery so I thought this was the perfect polish for my eight day.

Sorry for the nail polish. The tips faded away after wearing it for a while. I took photos of my nails a couple hours after applying the nail polish. I actually had to apply some topcoat after to make the manicure last a little longer.. but I didn't.

To get this 3D stripe effect I painted one nail with this special polish, and hold a special magnet(that comes with the polish) above my just painted nail. Quickly, because you only get the effect once the polish is still wet. Hold it above the polish for about 20 seconds and you'll get this. Really fun and easy to do.