Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day #10 Gradient Nails

I'm never going to do this again! I love the gradient effect and I took a lot of time to do this manicure on all my nails. But once I thought everything was dry and I started to take photos, the nail polish decided to start moving around and ruïn my manicure.. TG I got enough decent photos to show right here!

For this manicure I decided to use four different polishes. One white one, a mint blue polish, a turquoise polish and a darker turquoise/blue one. I started this manicure with dabbing white polish on the lower part of my nails with a little sponge. I did the same step with every polish I wanted to use, but I went a little higher, towards the tips of my nails, to get that gradient effect.

When I wasn't satisfied with the look I took the sponge again and dabbed some nail polish on the spot I wasn't satisfied with/on. But now looking back at the picture I wish I used more white.


  1. Dit is zo gaaf, toen ik het voor het eerst deed, bracht het me aan het lachen! Het ziet er goed uit, meid! :D

  2. Ziet er leuk uit. Mooie gedaan.
    Liefs, xx