Thursday, February 03, 2011

H&M 'Check Me Out'

For those who didn't knew: Yes, H&M also has nailpolishes!
This time a quick review on the nailpolish Check Me Out.

I bought this color just before I started this blog. I saw the bottle and I totally fell in love with the color! The nailpolish is pink colored, which tends to a coral peachy color if you watch the polish from real close. The name of this color is Check Me Out and the color really stands out. I get a lot of compliments on the color when I'm wearing this one. Mostly the reason why I'm getting a lot of compliments is because I almost wear this color every single day, I love it!
 In the daylight

With flash

About the finish; it's creamy finish, my favorite. Creamy finished polishes are for me the best to apply.
For the best color you need two or three coats. The polish will dry in about ten minutes, which is not that long to me.

I think the bottle is very cute, it looks a bit like the nailpolish bottles from Ciaté only not as chic. For $5,00 this nailpolish is not bad at all, especially a nailpolish from H&M!

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