Friday, April 06, 2012

Essence Nail Colour 3 Season Of Extremes

Last Tuesday you could see and read my review on the new Essence Nail Colour 3 polishes, and I told you I never seen any polish like this. Well, I keep bumping into those double polishes again and again. H&M has some, and now Essence came with six new ones that are part of their Season of Extremes limited edition line, nudes and brights. Here my review on the bright polishes!

This is how the polishes look like. Two polishes attachted to each other, in between the brushholder. One opaque polish and another one that is less pigmented, more sheer and has shimmers, a topcoat that also can be used as a regular polish. Two polishes to make three different manicures. I like the idea, and they're easy to bring with you when you're going on a vacation.

As the regular polishes have two names, one for the opaque polish and one for the topcoat, this duo polish only has one name. I liked the two names better because now I especially have to mention which of the two polishes I'm talking about.

We Are All Bright is the name of the first double polish I'm going to show you. The opaque color is mint green, not as minty as you would expect, the polish is a little bit darker.

The topcoat of We Are All Bright is Lilac with lilac glass flecks and show a very pretty sheen.

The lilac topcoat on top of the green mint color. I don't really like the combo of the lilac on top of the green polish. I like the green polish more without the topcoat.

Next polish is It's Two Bright. The polish reminds me of Blue My Mind from H&M, which is my favorite blue polish. I really like this color too!

The topcoat of the blue polish is this yellow glass fleck shimmer polish. The topcoat has a very pretty, almost sunset like, orange sheen to it. Lovely!

The topcoat on top of the blue polish is even more stunning I think. I just love the yellow with orange sheen topcoat on top of the smurf blue color. Something you wouldn't think of wearing.

Brightsmates! The opaque polish isn't very opaque as you see, and still after two coats a little sheer. The more layers of course, the better the pigmentation on your nails. The colors is very bright pink, almost neon. The polish dries semi-matte.

The topcoat of Brightsmates is this ugly orange. I just hate orange and this topcoat doesn't make it better. The polish is very pigmented, but other than that, it has nothing special.

The topcoat on top of the pink polish does make a difference! And I do like this combination. As the other top polishes give a 'special' sheen and shimmer to the opaque polish, this topcoat just makes a whole other color!
You've seen a few of these double polishes right now, what do you think of the polishes? Which one is you favorite combination?

For the ones who are still waiting for me to do the rest of the 31 Day Nail Challenge. Don't worry, I'm about to continue very soon. I didn't do any manicure or notd because I broke one of my nails, but that's all fixed right now!


  1. I like the opaque color of 'We Are All Bright'!

  2. Mooie lakjes en hele mooie foto's!

  3. like red? blue and green colors)