Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day #5 Blue Nails

Blue nails. This time I wanted to do something different than just wearing a plain color by itself. How boring is that!? For this day I decided to add just another polish on top to give it a nicer effect.

The polish I used as a base is Blue My Mind from H&M. A creme polish, the color is very bright and true blue. I love this polish on its own and other people seem to love it too. Every where I go with this polish on people always ask me where I got the polish from.

On top of the blue polish I used a flake polish. The flakies are blue and green, from Golden Rose, the Scale Effect polishes in number 14. I love flakies and I don't know why I don't wear them more often. You can wear flakies just on their own as a nail polish but, like I did, you can also use it more as a topcoat for an amazing effect.