Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Males and Nail Polish?

Nail polish is a very popular product. Ever been and still is. Not just for women all over the world, man also seem to like nail polish. For rockers like Ozzy Osbourn, Dave Navarro and Adam Lambert I understand. But the hype reached whole other male celebs!

30 Seconds To Mars leadsinger Jared Leto likes to wear black nail polish. As the rockers I mentioned above, I'm again, not surprised Jared wears polish. Looks good too!

English soccer player David Beckham got spotted with a baby pink color on his nails. Does he like nail polish in pink or is it because he just got a daughter not too long ago?

Staying with the English men. Here is Prince Harry. Wearing a very, very bright pink nail polish. Although this pictures is from 2009, nobody seems to know why he had pink nails on his left hand, but people said "He kept slipping his hand in his jeans pocket." I think he just had a fun time with his girlfriend.

Johnny Depp loves wearing nail polish. Every time you probably see him he is wearing a blue or black polish. I'm not that surprised he wears nail polish. I kinda like it.

Zac Efron. You have to look very close for this one, but Zac has a few blue nails on his left hand. People say he was wearing Vanessa Hudgens' blue nail polish from Rent!

Seal, not just known by his singing, ex hubby from topmodel Heidi Klum and his nail polish. On this picture he is wearing a grey nail polish. He also likes bronze and black, a real nail polish lover! Haha.

Besides the pictures of males who wear nail polish and I make fun of, males and nail polish is actually not that weird to the cosmetic industry. There are two brands that makes only nail polish for men. ManGlaze sells darker polishes with a matte finish and Evolution Man sells polishes in the colors metallic purple, light grey and anthracite which are based on car paint.

Next time I see a male wearing a polish I will not laugh at him, but I don't think I like it when my boyfriend comes home with black shiny nails. What is your opinion on males and nail polish?


  1. I'm a guy and I wear nail polish all the time. I do nail art and everything. I think it looks cool. It makes a great conversation piece - or an amazing elephant in the room!
    This is what I'm wearing this week (to celebrate the release of Ubuntu 12.04 beta 1):

  2. ^ Great conversation piece I agree. I don't always like polish on men, kinda depends on the guy himself. But seeing men with polish shows others how confident you can be. Nice manicure by the way!

  3. johnny depp looks very goooooooooooooodddddddd!!!!!!!!!!he looks cool.and i am a girl...