Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day #4 Green Nails

Green. Just as orange, green is a color that I don't wear that often, just because I don't like the color. I do like green colors and polishes that are slightly different, like this one!

This polish is Sold Out Forever from, again, Catrice. It's a minty green polish with a mint green shimmer. A lot of people say this polish is THE dupe for Chanels Jade. Now, I don't have Jade and I've never seen the polish with my own eyes. I did see them on swatches online and this polish does look a lot like Jade. The polish got discontinuid by Catrice a half year ago, but it is back in stores right now. If they sell Catrice near you, better be quick if you want to get this polish, because the name Sold Out Forever speaks for itself. It's almost always sold out!!

Here's just a photo made with flash, to show the beauiful shimmer the polish has.