Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 Vintage Nail Polish Ads

Can anyone remember my article on nail commercials? Well, just as commercials, I love adverts too. No, not just those boring ads you see these days. I like vintage ads. You know. The once you had, in the first few decades of 1900. After nail treatments became popular and brands came with their very first nail polish! I found some on the internet and just wanted to share them with you!

First ad is one out 1909. This one is more than one century old which makes it very special. It's an ad for Lustr-Ite Nail Enamel by Floridine Manufacturing Company. It's actually a nail enamel/polish for the nails. It's a cakey substance that comes in a bottle, and for 25 cents, it's you! 25 Cents sounds really cheap, but actually, those days, that box was way too expensive for some people.




Second one is from 1937. An ad for Cutex Creme Polish for nails, specially featuring Elyse Law. A nail polish you could purchase in three different shade, that's why I added three extra pictures. Don't you just love the cute moon manicures too?

We all know Revlon was the very first brand that came with nail polish. See the bottle on the ad, it says Trade Mark. Revlon actually started with nail polish first and then expanded with regular makeup. This Revlon nail ad above is from 1938. For their new nail enamels in 21 shades.

A Chen Yu ad from the 1940s. A brand new, chip-proof nail lacquer for nails. 

From the 1950s. Peggy Sage, specialiste de la Beauté des mains. The beauty consultant of every hand. A new kind of nail polish, selected in America, now available for French woman. They say the Peggy Sage polishes are easy to apply, beautiful, great perseverance and dries quick.

This advert is from ca. 1955. It's from the brand Underwoodfor; a new chip-resistant nail polish in red! To get a perfect secretaries look.

A Christian Dior nail polish ad from the 1960s. The bottle then was still the same as the Dior polish is today, only the cap had triangular dents in it to hold the cap the right way in your hand. This would make applying the nail polish easier.

Love these ads too? If you have found any other adorable vintage nail polish ad, don't forget to comment down below and show me(and my readers) the advert!


  1. die laatste van dior vind ik het mooist!
    wat heb je ingetikt om deze te vinden?


    1. Waarschijnlijk Vintage Dior Ad bij Google afbeeldingen.

  2. Ziet er echt leuk uit! xxx

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