Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nail Commercials Througout the Years

Last week I was watching some videos on YouTube. Just some random makeup tutorials, as I always do, untill I bumped into a nail commercial from Lee. It was so fun to watch that I decided to look for more nail commercial, and I actually got to see al lot more. I thought it would be fun and interesting to show you a few of these commercials and talk about the product they are trying to sell. Some commercials are pretty recent, some are years and years old.

The first commercial is from, I believe, the 1970s. K-Tel Instant Nails.
I don't really get this product. The man tells us to get instant long, beautiful strong nails by just brushing them on. It even repairs broken nails. This is definitly a product that is not familiar with me, and I don't actually believe what the product promisses.

Second one is a commercial about Lee press-on nails. We all know press-on nails! Mostly the stickers you use (to get the fake nails stick to your nails) aren't strong enough to let press-on nails onto your own nails for a day. The stickers may are better but back in 1986 they probably weren't stronger and better than nowadays.

Third commercial is all about Gcocl Nail Colors Machine. I remember this commercial and product like it was yesterday! I wanted this product so badly when I was a kid. The product is actually stamping nail art but in a little machine. You put an imageplate on/in the machine, pick out a special nail polish color and polish the image you want, scrape, put your finger in place, press down and the image is on your nails. I believe this commercials is from around 2000.

Next one! I don't know why it is but every Asian commercial looks cute and fun. Like this one. Even when the product isn't that exciting. The product in this commercial is a box filled fake nails and stuff to decorate these nails with. The fake nails are, as you can see, really fake! Not meant for adults but just for kids to play and have fun.

The Barbie Doll'd Up Nail Printer from 2009. Barbie and nails, yay! Okay, I don't know about you girls, but everytime I see this commercial I get really excited. I don't think I have to explain how the product works, just watch the commercial, it speaks for itself. This is a product I want to have. If I had the money I'd probably already have it. But I wonder; Do the prints on your nails really look that good afterwards?

The product in this recent commercial is Nail Glitter and Gem by Conair. It basically is a nail art kit with glitters and gemstones. Just add glitter in one of the four units of the kit, place a stickeradhesive on a nail, put your finger in the unit and wait when the kit blows the glitter around. Looks like fun right? They say it's for young girls(6+) but this even looks fun for me! Playing around with glitter and stuff.

I remember having something like this when I was younger, but mine was pink and didn't rotate. What am I talking about? RoseArt The Real Shimmer N'Sparkle Nail Salon, a mouthfull. It's a nail studio/salon made for young girls. You can press-on fake nails and decorate these with all kinds of things; nail polish, rhinestones, stickers and glitter. As an adult you can also use this product, only, the fake nails that come with this product are from plastic, smaller and meant for kids.  

Broadway Nails, who doesn't know this brand for fake nails. I love this commercials from 2010. It's so stylish, girly and makes me want to buy and wear those nails. Although I'm not a person for fake nails, I do own a kit from this brand with 100 nails. The nails are ideal for me to use for nail art! Broadway Nails also sells nail kits with nail art prints, as you can see in this commercial.

Tip Tops from Nails in Motion. Plastic gards you put on your fingertops to protect your just polished nails from smearing and smudging. I don't know what you think about this this product, but I think it's senseless. It doesn't look handy. I mean, you can still damage your polishes nails with those tiptops on. Plus nowadays we have fast drying topcoat such as INM Out The Door and Seche Vite. I'm not even going to talk about those sandals. You all know what I think about the sandals.

What did you think of these commercials, is there any product you would like to have and try out? What product do you not want to try out? Let me know!


  1. Ik vind sommige echt heel erg leuk.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. The first video is actually true, its how they make some acrylic nails these days. There are a bunch of videos on youtube.