Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tutorial: Penguins...

Winter is not near jet, but I wanted to do this fun nail art and thought "Why not make a tutorial!". So here is my penguin nail tutorial.

Things you need:
- Basecoat
- A color polish you want your penguins to be. For this tutorial I used black
- Black polish
- White polish
- Orange polish
- Dottingtool or toothpick
- Topcoat

Step 1; After applying a basecoat you need to paint your nails in the desired penguin color.

Step 2; With a white polish, draw an oval on the lower half of your nails. If you find this hard to do you can always use your dottingtool or toothpick. The ovals don't have to be even. Not all penguins look exactly like each other/alike.

Step 3; With your dottingtool and white polish you're going to make two white dots above each oval.

Step 4; With your dottingtool and a black polish you are going to make dots into the white dots. This will complete the eyes. Remember, the dots don't have to be nicley done. It look like fun when a penguin squints, but that's all up to you!

Step 5; Time to use your orange polish. Before you start you need a dottingtool(yes, again). At the upper part of the white oval you need to draw a triangle upside down.
For the penguinfeet you need to dot(or draw) some orange polish at each side of the lower part of the white oval. I just randomly dotted orange polish.

Step 6; Last step! Apply a topcoat to seal the polish together and to make your nail art last a little bit longer.

I hope you liked this tutorial. The tutorial isn't that difficult to do. If you tried this one, please send a photo, I would love to see your result!


  1. use some lotion -.-


  3. i didn't try it yet, but it looks easy enough and its really cute! thx 4 posting!