Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What Else To Do With Nail Polish

We all use nail polish to paint our nails in fancy colors, sometimes even in a cute design. Besides just using (clear) nail polish on the nails there are also other purposes. I've got years and years experience on tips and tricks using nail polish, now it's time to share these with you.

Tips and tricks using clear nail polish:
- First tip is a tip that I've learned from my mother; If you're wearing tights or a hose and you accidentally got a run in it, just smear some polish on each end. This fix stops runs.
- When you have, or just purchased, cheap jewelry, such as a ring, that will leave a green mark on your skin you can paint a layer of clear polish on it so it won't stain anymore.
- Some jewelry has little rhinestones. If you have cheap jewelry those stones will let loose in a bit, but if you put some clear polish on the rhinestones you will seal the stones with the jewelry itself and the stones will stay and hold longer to the jewelry.
- If you are allergic to the metal of your pants, just as the button, you can put a coat of clear polish on it and the button will not irritante anymore.
- If you painted your nails but you haven't got any remover you can always use clear polish as a nail polish remover. Add a coat clear polish on the nails, wait a few seconds and while the clear polish is still wet you can wipe the polish away.
- To prevent a rope or shoelace from fraying you can burn the end of it. Instead of using a fire you can also just use clear polish, which will look a little more prettier than black ends from burning.

Tips and tricks with colored polishes:
- Color code objects to distinguish them from others. You can do this with keys, makeup brushes or anything else you can think of.
- Get rid of a wart, yes! Just smear a coat polish on the wart, doesn't matter if it's a color polish or clear, but the wart will be gone in just two weeks.
- Mark levels on cups or measuring cups. I marked the levels of my favorite radio stations on my cd/radio player.
- Embellish objects! You can costumize your own telephone, pumps, clutch or handbag.

Of course there are more tips and tricks but these are actually purposes I use or from people that I know who use these. Are there other tips or tricks that I have not mentioned but that you use?


  1. Wat leuk, hahaha die pumps zijn leuk.
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