Saturday, December 31, 2011

Statistics of NailsByStephanie in 2011

A few more hours till we all pop our champagne, light fireworks and welcome a New Year. But before we all do, let's look back at NailsByStephanie in 2011, the statistics!

In 2011.. I've posted 89 articles. Which means that the average post from me is 1,7 articles a week. I now have 52 followers with Google Friend Connect and 11 via Bloglovin'. My blog has been viewed more than 60.000 times in this year. The people who view my blog are from, at number one United States, number two the Netherlands, number three United Kingdom, number four Canada, number five Italy and number six Brazil. They almost all use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Most searched words to enter and visit my blog are pop art and American flag nails. These words led to Trend 2011 Pop Art and American flag nail tutorial, which are one of my most viewed articles this past last year.

I'm very pleased to see my statistics from last year. I just celebrated my blogs first year birthday and I'm very glad to see and read that people like my blog and come back for another visit. Of course I want to make my blog better than it already is, maybe making it my own domain. If you have tips, suggestions, questions or anything to say, please leave a comment below or write an email to me;

I found a huge failure when I looked at my statistics. Look above! I made my blog in May 2010 and started blogging for real in October 2010. October is spelled in Dutch, but August is spelled in English. WTF!?

For now; Enjoy the last few hours, or even minutes, of 2011. Happy New Year and let's make 2012 even better than last year!

See you in our New Year!
Love, Stephanie

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  1. Wat een stijging. Fijne jaarswisseling en een goed 2012 gewenst.
    Liefs, xxx