Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trend 2011: Pop Art Graphics + Inspired Photos

Yes, a new nail trend. There are so many nail trends right now, there is a trend for each person. This spring and summer it's all about; Pop Art Graphics.

I just found out I'm really bad at doing pop art on my own nails. So instead of doing my own nails I'd rather look on the internet for some pictures that inspire me to practise some nail art. I wanted to share some photos of pop art nails that I really like and which inspire me.

Some pictures I'm talking about:

Both from


I found these three pictures above on

I love the dots on white, the bright colors make it real 'pop art'. Owner: ?

I found this picture on almost every blog so I don't know who it's originally from.

Not really pop art but I like this one! From


  1. Echt schitterend ! :-) wat je al niet met nagels kan doen

  2. Oohh deze zijn allemaal echt heel leuk! :)

  3. wow sooo cool

  4. OMFG! im sooooo gonna try these out soon! there epic! xxxxx

  5. wwwoooow very nice i likre it

  6. wow i love them very much they are super badass

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