Wednesday, March 23, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Polishes

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about a new trend; crackle nail polishes. China Glaze just came out with their own crackle collection and right when I heard about those polishes I ordered a few colors. After a few weeks I finally rechieved the polishes.

China Glaze has crackle polishes in the colors pink, blue, purple, black, white and grey. I got every color except the grey one. I kinda regret not getting the grey one because I really like the crackle effect. I didn't got the grey crackle polish because I didn't liked the color as much as I thought. But maybe I'll get that one later, my review and pictures on the crackle polishes I do purchased.

The polishes from left to right; Crushed Candy, Black Mesh, Fault Line, Broken Hearted and Lightening Bolt.

The crackle polishes on top of a China Glaze polish. The thicker you put on the crackle polish the thicker the crackles will be, and the thinner the crackle polish the thinner and smaller the crackles are. To change it up a little bit you can zigzag the crackle polish onto your nails.  This will give the effect of the yellow and pink mani on the picture above. Otherwise, if you put the polish on like regular polish, it will give a more grideffect.

Crackle polish will only work on polish, not on the nail itself. If you use crackle polish you have to make sure that the base/color polish is completely dry. If the color polish, were you put on the crackle polish, is still wet the regular polish will shrink with the crackle polish. Then you will get this effect(picture above), on the left nail.


  1. I especially like combination 4 and 6 :) As soon as I'm done moving, I'll order them!

  2. leuk!
    Ik mis de grijze kleur? Of heb je die bewust niet genomen?

  3. @ Sanne: Nee, vond ik geen mooie kleur. Achteraf wel spijt.

  4. vind het mooiste toch op wit/zwart.

  5. Wauw, ik vind het zo gaaf! Moet deze nog steeds bestellen.