Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trend Winter 2011/2012: Glitter Mania!

Shine, glare, sheen, shimmer, sparkle, glisten. All kinds of words that have something to do with a new trend that is going on right now: Glitter!

You may have noticed this trend because a lot of brand just came out with a whole new glittercollection. Talking about the Muppet collection by OPI, China Glazes Eye Candy, Essies Lux Effects and Zoya Gems & Jewels collection. I know these are all holiday collections and most holiday collections contain a little glitter or shimmer, but the glitter is gone insane right now! We've never had this much glitter before. I have to be honest.. I like it!

The holiday collections I'm talking about are pretty expensive for some of you. That's the reason why I'm going to show you one easy way to get your own nails glittery and glitzy with just a little money. 

What you need:
- Basecoat(I just used a topcoat as basecoat)
- Cheap fine glitter. Glitter from a craftstore are mostly more expensive that you think. You really need teenie tiny glitter because the tinier the glitter the better your nails will look.
- Topcoat

Step 1: You are going to do this to one nail at the time! Paint the nail with your basecoat.
Step 2: Apply glitter on the nail with still a wet basecoat. You can do this by sprinkling the glitter on the nail or, to make less of a mess, dipping the nail in the glitter.
Step 3: Once the basecoat is completely dry you can pain on a layer of your topcoat.
Step 4: Continue all steps on the other nails. Once you've all done your nails you're ready to go and show off your nails. That't it! Easy peasy right?!

You can also franken nail polish. Mix nail polish and glitter together to get your own and unique polish. Sad thing is that cheap glitter mostly loses it's color once you've mixed it. But sometimes I looks good. I think I'm going to make an article on franken polish that soon!

What do you think of glitter nails? Is it your thing or would you rather skip this trend?