Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trend 2012: Ciaté Caviar Nails

30dc750a Nieuwe trend: Caviar nails

Yes, a new trend has come. Caviar nails! Little pearls/balls, size caviar. Ciaté is the first brand that comes with caviar polish in a bottle. I'm very curious on how this would work and how I would apply the "caviar".

Caviar Manicure By Ciate - Nail Trends

0167f82f Nieuwe trend: Caviar nails

Ciaté comes with three different sets of caviar. One set contains a base color, a bottle of pearls and a funnel.

30dc750a Nieuwe trend: Caviar nails

First color nail polish is Strawberry Milkshake, a pink polish as base. The caviar pearls are Rainbow and as you can see the caviar has lots of different colors. They remind me of sprinkles.
7ac9dc2e Nieuwe trend: Caviar nails

Second one is Snow Virgin, a white base color with Mother Of Pearl, which are the white caviar.

6fef7b32 Nieuwe trend: Caviar nails

And third is Ghetto Fabulous, a black polish with Black Pearls.
52f3f31b Nieuwe trend: Caviar nails

This is how you would apply the caviar. First you apply a basecoat, second you apply two coats of Ciaté polish. Sprinkle the caviar pearls over your painted nail. Press the pearls into the nail bed. Pour the pearls back into the bottle using a special funnel that comes with the base color and the bottle with the pearls.

And for the ones who don't like to read this whole article I added a video where they all explain everything you need to know about this new nail trend.

The sets will be sold for £18,00, which is €21,59 or $28,85 USD, each.
Another trend, what do you think of this trend? I like it, but I don't know if I would pay that much money for those products.
Source; www.ciate.co.uk


  1. Ik vindt het een oh zo leuke trend!

  2. Echt super leuk ! ik volg je trouwens vanaf nu via bloglovin !
    volg je me terug? xx

    1. Leuk! Ik volg je al via Bloglovin'!

  3. Wauw, echt zoo gaaf! Weet je waar je dat kan kopen? Zou het graag een keertje uit willen proberen! Leuk voor een feestje ofzo ; )

    XOXO, Lot

    1. Op de site van Ciaté kan je ze kopen(link staat in het artikel). Op dit moment zijn ze uitverkocht, hopelijk binnenkort weer verkrijgbaar. Maar misschien ben je crea bea genoeg om zelf iets te verzinnen met kraaltjes die je in de knutselwinkel kan kopen, of iets dergelijks?

  4. Leuk! Alleen ik denk dat ik overal in huis bolletjes zou vinden!