Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Essence Special Effect Toppers

Sometimes I'm polishing my nails with a plain old looking color, which could use a special effect on top. Essence came with Special Effect topcoats. Topcoats not just to seal your nail polish or give it that extra protection, no, topcoats to give that plain polish look special. Glitter, holographic, sheens and even flakes.

These are the Special Effect polishes I own. Essence has a range of 10 different topcoats you can choose from, these are the ones I found the prettiest.

For the upcoming swatches I swatched the topcoats on my bare nail, on white and black polish, and last on a polish which I thought looked cute underneath the topcoat.

First topper is Number 01 It's Purpelicious, a clear topcoat with purple glitters. Regular glitters and square glitters. On my pink I used OPIs Diva of Geneva. I really like this topcoat, especially the squared glitters make this look special.

Second topcoat is 02 Circus Confetti. Some might recognize this polish. This topcoat seems to be the dupe of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday. The multi color and -sized glitters look exactly like the glitter of Happy Birthday, this polish is a little thicker and has less glitters. Besides that, this polish is my favorite topcoat of all the toppers.

03 Hello Holo is a topcoat with holographic glitter. From close you will not see the holographic effect, but once you see the polish with this topcoat on top, you see a holographic "sheen".

Mystic Mermaid is topcoat number 04! This polish has many silver glass flecks that gives your nails a silver, white and greenish sheen.

Time For Reflection is the name of topcoat number 05. I love this topcoat. It makes your nail polish look lighter, but it gives your polish a blue and white pearl sheen.

Number 08, Night In Vegas! This is a flake topcoat, the flakies give a yellow, orange and greenish sheen to your polish. If you really want others to notice the topcoat, it's better to wear a darker polish underneart. You won't really notice the effect on light polish.

Glorius Aquarius, 10, is my last topcoat from Essence. Again, a glitter topper with multi sized hexagonal glitters in turquoise. On top of For Audrey this polish looks even more pretty than on black polish, which I also really adore.

Have you ever seen a collection like this, special topcoats only. Which one would you rock on your nails, and what polish would you wear underneath?


  1. great to see all these special effects!

  2. Wauw, al deze effecten bij elkaar, beautiful!

  3. time for reflection is my absolute favourite! I love the way it looks over dark colours.

  4. We zijn echt super ^^ x

  5. ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin, volg je me terug? xx