Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tag: Beautiful Person

Yay, I got tagged! I love reading tag and fill in a tag I recieved . This tag is about you as a person. Every single person is beautiful from the inside

1. Thank the person who you've got this tag from and give the link to her site:
I thank Maud, a Dutch beautyblogger, for this tag. And click here for her lovely website.

2. Awnser the following questions:
- Which characteristic feature do you appreciate from yourself?
I'm very spontaneous and flexible. I am not affraid to talk to other people just out of nowhere. I'm mostly the person in a relationship that comes up with fun and creative things to do. And I don't mind if something changes plans.. we'll make other plans someday!

- Wat are your dreams?
Well, as a young kid I always had the dream of becoming an actress. I've taken different trainings and workshops in acting over 13 years and I also did lots of auditions. Auditions for movies, tv-show, plays, musicals and even theatreschool. I always got positive comments like 'You are so good and believable', always. But at the end the results were always negative. I'm not giving up.. someday there will be a positive result for me. Till that day comes I have other dreams.
I want to finish my education for primairy school teacher. I want to travel around the world.

- Who are very dear to you?
My family is everything. Not only because that is the culture at my dads side of the family but also because me and my family have been through a lot. I'm not going to say what exactly happend but my grandma had to take care of me when I was younger.

- What are you good at?
People say acting. Haha. And I can sing! No, I'm not that type you see on X-Factor that makes a fool out of himself by singing ridiculous out of tune.
And I'm good in practice. I'm not really a person who can learn very well out of a book. My family says I'm very creative, I'm very good at things like painting and drawing. But I'm also good at sports. Soccer, dodgeball, lacross, baseball, basketball, moutinebike, dancing.. (I'm a teamplayer and if it comes to games and getting the chance to win a game I'm the most fanatic person you will see, haha)

- What makes you happy?
A lot! Summer, sun, Disney, beach, spend money, shop till I drop, flowers, nail polish, travelling, themeparks, Glee, make-up, blog, swimming, sunglasses, mushroomsoup, sweet scents, make-up tutorials on YouTube, playing sports, sleeping, reading a good book, perfume, Just Dance on Wii, jewelry and a Dutch snack called 'bamischijf'.

3. Send and pass this tag to as many Beautiful Persons you know:
I'm going to tag every person who reads this and likes the tag to put it on their own blog!

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