Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nails In Videos

A new edition of Nails In Videos! I haven't done one in quite a while. I don't know why because I love making an article like this. I've made one before back in December 2010 and I did one of Lady Gagas Judas video back in May. It hasn't been a lot, but that doesn't matter because I have pictures enough to compensate.

First video is Price Tag from Jessie J. As marionette she only has plain black nails. As herself she has black nails with yellow or golden dots(or rhinestones) in the middle, from cuticle to top of the nail. This is one of those nails than can be recreated by yourself. They look easy and doing nails is always fun to do.

Next video is Last Friday Night(TGIF) from Katy Perry. In this video she has two looks and characters. Let's start with her being a nerd. It looks like she isn't wearing any nailpolish, but if you look closely, when watching the video, you can see a pink/light coral sheen. It's not really that noticeable but great for her character.

Okay, not Katy Perry but Rebecca Black in Last Friday Night. This once goes by in a flash but just to let you know; She is wearing a cute pink french manicure.

Katy again! This time as the party girl in her bright outfit. The nails she is wearing have the same colors as her outfit. The tips are hot pink and as you go to the cuticle the pink color fades into lime green. It looks a bit like pink french tips with a green base.

Kesha really shows her nails in We R Who We R. I've made too many printscreen I picked out four. First nails are silver metallic with all different nailpiercings and goldencolor studs. 

This prinscreen doesn't need much of explanation. As you can see, very clearly, she has the same golden squared studs on her nails as above her eyebrows.  She has two studs on each fingernail. The tips all have larger studs. I think they just glued the studs onto her nails.

Third and last look from Kesha. Okay, Kesha doesn't really look that charming but we're looking at her nails right now. She just has plain red nails which really suits her all American outfit. I really like this color!

Super Bass with Nicki Minaj. She doesn't have that specials nails in her video, but I wanted to show you her toes because you almost never see toes in videos. And I liked how they matched her nailpolish with her hair. What do you call this color? Light pink, baby pink, old pink?

This screenshot has been taking at the last 5 seconds of the video. I really like polish that lights up underneath blacklight, and what better way than wearing a white nailpolish!

Rihanna in S&M. Again white nails with a slight blacklight effect. I really like the length of Rihannas nails. She always has long nails. 

Rihanna is also wearing an orange-red color in the video.

Third nails from Rihanna are these nails. Long white nails with black nailart. On her pink she has black dots. Her ringfinger is actually more black than white, she has a white moon. Middlefinger has stripes. Pointerfinger has an X. I don't know what's on her thumb.
Rihanna had actually another look with also other nails, but they weren't that visible in the video.

Last video of this article is Run The World from Beyoncé! I love that song! And I love her nails. She has metallic teal nails. First printscreen above you see just her hand with nails, in the two printscreens above you can see them with some fierce and golden rings.

The very last printscreen! Beyoncé isn't just wearing metallic teal nails. She also wears golden nails. This picture is a printscreen I made where you can see the golden nails the best. I really like the golden nails with her semi-golden outfit.

So that was that. I hoped you liked this article. If so, please let me know in the comment section below or just click on like. Because if so, I will make more often an article like this one.

Source; YouTube


  1. Ik vind dit zo leuk artikel! Beyoncé draagt inderdaad die kleurtjes.
    Liefs, xx

  2. This is so inspiring! x innerofbeauty.blogspot.com