Friday, September 23, 2011

Essence Colour & Go New Polishes

Last week I heard that Essence just added 28 new Colour & Go polishes to their permanent collection. So I went, the exact same day, to our local drugstore to get me some new polishes. I don't have all 28 polishes but I do have 7 polishes to show you!

First polishes I'm going to show you are; Frozen Queen, Gleam In Blue and In Style.

This polish is called Frozen Queen. The color is not really white or blue but more an ice blue color. The color is metallic, it shows a lot of streaks on the nails and the polish is a little sheer. I have two coats of polish on my nails on the picutures above.

This polish is called Gleam In Blue. It's a metallic blue. The polish streaks a little as you can see. The polish is really pigmented. The swatches are just with one coat.

Another blue-ish color; In Style. A duo-chrome. The color is a little hard to define. The color itself is dark blue, but it has a purple and dark green sheen to it. The polish doesn't really show on the pictures.  

From left to right; Viva La Green and Nude It!

My new favorite; Viva La Green. I'm wearing this polish right now for four days, which is very long for me. Onto the color. The color of this polish isn't just mint but is slightly darker. It has a creme finish, is easy to apply, without any streaks and it dries within a minute.

Nude It! Just as Viva La Green this polish is amazing to apply. Great finish, dries fast. Only the color isn't that nude to me. It's a little to dark and grey-ish to my skincolor. That doesn't mean it's not a great polish for you!

Last two polishes are; Be Optimistic and Think Pink.

Be Optimistic. This is a polish that you can compare to Gleam In Blue only this color is a darker orange. The polish is just a metallic, streaky and pigmented as the blue one. I also just used one coat for this swatchphoto.

Think Pink. This is a color that I don't know if it's pink or coral. The camera picks it up as coral but to the eye it looks more pinkish. Well.. I don't care because I love this color. I love pink, I love coral so this is the perfect color for me.

I hope you got a good picture of how the polishes are and how they look like.
So, are you planning to purchase any new polishes from the Colour & Go collection or are you waiting till the next new polishes of Spring 2012?

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