Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sephora by OPI "Glee" Mini Set

Oh my! As a Glee and nail polish addict I knew I wanted to have a few polishes from the Sephora by OPI Glee polishes since the first time I heard about it(months before they came out). By the time they were available for sale we here in Europe got the message that the Glee polishes were ONLY sold in the US. Big bummer! Because the polishes plus shipping was just too expensive for me I started to join every contest to win some Glee polishes ... but what's the chance of winning? Very low!
A couple of months ago I saw a Glee Mini Set on Ebay, yeah(!), so I bid and bid and bid till I was the highest bidder. It costs me a lot of money, maybe even more than I would when I bought them in February, but I finally got the polishes!! So here.. my swatches for you!

This set of Glee polishes contains six mini polishes. Each polish contents 3.75ml - 1/8 Fl. Oz. Three polishes in this mini set/kit were also available in full sized bottles.

Miss Bossy Pants. A rich raspberry color with a little purple shimmer to it. Too bad the picture doesn't show the real color of this polish because the polish is even prettier in "real life" than on this picture.

Slushied. The bright blue creme polish is wonderful to apply. The pigmentation is amazing, one coat is more than enough. I wish I had more than just one bottle of Slushied.

Celibacy Club. So this polish isn't just a polish, it's more of a fancy topcoat. The topcoat has glitters in it. The glitters look kinda holographic to me.

Gleek Out. This color is a green and gold glass flecked. The polish is pretty sheer, you need at least three coats. I only used two thin coats for this swatchpicture. But now you can see how sheer the polish looks. The more coats of polish, the more it's going to look like the color polish in the bottle as you can see.

Sue vs. Shue. A navy blue with a shimmer to it. I am in love with this color, it is my favorite of the whole mini set. *sigh * The color is gorgeous, the pigmentation is amazing, I only used one coat for this picture.

Express Yourself to Yourself. A jelly coral polish with a coral/pinkish shimmer. The polish is very sheer, you really need two or three coats to get the full color potential. Doesn't matter to me because I absolutely love this color, I wish there was a dupe for this.

I hope you liked all the swatched. The polishes were Limited Edition so they're not available anymore. But if you still want them I'll give you the advice to look on Ebay or any simular website to purchase any, but be careful because some will sell fake items.

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  1. Wat een leuke set, ik vind de lakjes prachtig. Ook goed dekkend.
    Liefs, xxx