Wednesday, October 05, 2011

FOTM: Catrice Goldfinger and GOSH Gold

Not one but two polishes! I'm in gold nail polish.. again! I've showed you the gold polish from GOSH before, back in Januari. But the fotm I made then is just so aweful to read I decided to show you this polish again, and this time with another favorite polish of mine.

The two pictures above are my nails with Goldfinger from Catrice. This is a polish I recently purchased, it's one of the new fall polishes from Catrice. The polish is very warm toned and the texture is finer than the gold nail polish from GOSH.
You will need two coats of this polish, the polish stays on a few, 3 to 5, days.

The polish that you may have seen before; Gold from GOSH. Comparing this polish with Goldfinger I think I like the gold polish from Catrice more. Just because this polish is a lot colder in it's color, the brush from Catrice is thicker which makes polishing the nail a lot easier and the texture of the polish.

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