Friday, February 10, 2012

Diamond Cosmetics Glow In The Dark Collection

I've been obsessed by glow in the dark ever since I was a little girl. Once I even made my own glow in the dark polish by mixing glow in the dark glue and some clear polish from my mom to get my own GITD polish. And o, how did I loved my homemade polish. I wore it everywhere and showed it to everybody around.
Nowadays you don't have to be as creative because you can purchase your own glow in the dark nail polish. Diamond Cosmetics even has their own collection with four glow in the dark polishes... today some swatched and a review on the polishes.

I've swatched all polishes on my nails. The swatch on the most left finger is one coat, the finger to the right is with two coats, third nail has three coats and the last one, the one on the right, has four coats. The reason I did this is because the polishes have very little pigment in them and I wanted to show you how they look with just a coat more. Do they show more color with more layers?

First polish is named Blue Moonglo. As you see, the more coats of polish, the more glitters you will have on your nails. As for pigmentation, well, what can I say. It doesn't show much. But the more coats you apply the better the pigmentation.

The green polish, Gloworm Green has, just as the blue one, very little pigmentation.

Tangeglo, the orange glow in the dark polish, looks, out of all the polishes, the pretties on the nails. This one has the best pigmentation of all. 

 Pink Flamino has, just as Tangeglo, more pigmentation than the other ones. 

The polishes dry in just a few seconds, very fast, and matte. The pigmentation is very little. You can wear the polishes just on their own but also as a topcoat on top of a colored polish. The polishes will chip within a few days, for more protection and a longer wear I'll recommend a topcoat on top of these polishes.

Now on to the glow in the dark part. Glow in the dark polishes should "load" in light to glow in the dark. This can be sunlight or artificial light. The longer the polishes expose in light the longer and brighter the polishes will glow. For nailpolish(and other types of "paint"); the more layers the better the polish will load light. These polishes glow actually better than I expected. I can't show any pictures of the swatched polishes when they glow in the dark because my camera can't take pictures in pitch dark with just a small glowy surface. I did took a picture of the bottles in the dark.

This picture above shows how the polishes look like and how they would look like when they glow in the dark. The picture below is how they really look like when they glow in the dark. It looks like they don't glow really bright, they actually do, but this picture is just to show you how the polishes would look like in the dark.

Have you ever tried glow in the dark polishes? If you have, do they work like you expected? 


  1. wow, beautiful colours.! i've never tried glow in the dark polishes myself.