Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tutorial: Drag Marble Hearts for Valentines Day!

Happy Valentinesday! I don't really like Vday but I do like hearts and the colors pink and red. I just made a heart design that I wanted to share with you in a tutorial. If you are interested, keep on reading.

First thing I want to say is that the pictures that I've taken don't really connect with each other picture. That's because I had to work fast to get this nail art done. Taking pictures in between takes longer than expected and so the polish dries. After I took a picture I had to remove the polish and had to do the whole nail again just to take the other picture and to get the desired step on photo. Okay, now let's go to the tutorial!

Things you need;
- Basecoat
- One or two different colors of polish
- Topcoat
- Toothpick
- Dottingtool
- Scratch paper or any object you can use to tap on polish
- Nail polish remover(optional)
- Cotton pads(optional)

I'm going to show the step on my middle finger, which is, on the picture, the second finger on the left. If you're doing this tutorial, do one nail at the time. You need to work fast when you're going through all the steps. The polish cannot dry in between steps otherwise you will not get the final look you were going for.

Step 1; Apply a basecoat to prevent your nail for discoloration. Add a colored polish on top. This color will be the base of the whole nail.

Step 2; Tap a few drops of another color polish on your scratch paper. The color you use will be the color for the hearts your now going to make. With a dottingtool now pick up some of that polish and dot a few, 3 or 4, dots back and forth on your nail.

Step 3; Get your toothpick! Now draw, in one motion, a line from the upper dot, through the middle of the other dots, till the end/lowest part of your nail. Going through the middle of the dots make the dots look like little hearts.
As you can see on my picture it's doesn't look like the other nails. That's because I worked too slow and the polish was already drying. To prevent this you need to work very fast.

Step 4; Now you can go through these steps again and do every nail. After you've done all your nails it's time to let everything dry! When your nail polish is dry you need to seal everything with a topcoat. Use a good quality topcoat. Not like the one I used on my pinky.

That's the tutorial! I really like the little hearts. I always see people wearing their newspaper nails. I've already done that tutorial before, and this is something different, which I like. Cute little hearts. Talking about hearts, what are you doing this Valentine?


  1. Dat izet er zo mooi uit! Jammer dat Valentijn al voorbij is. Toch ga ik deze zelf ook nog eens proberen!

  2. Erg leuk, ga ik zeker onthouden!

  3. i tried this and it works but it didn't turn out as good as yours