Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tutorial: Newspaper Nails

This one of the nail arts every single person can make! You don't need lots of color polishes, all kinds of nail art tools or a steady hand. Got curious?

The things you needs:
- Basecoat
- Base color polish of your choice.
- Rubbing alcohol or any alcoholic drink with a 70 percentage of alcohol or higher.
- A little bowl
- Newspaper
- Topcoat

Step 1; Put on a basecoat. Then put on your base color. I used Snow Motion from Catrice. Make sure your nails are completely dry.
Step 2; Put some rubbing alcohol in a bowl.

Step 3; Tear 10 little pieces of the newspaper. Take a good look at the newspaper. You need pieces with words, not pictures or any ads. Each pieces has to cover up one nail.
Step 4; Put one finger in the bowl with the rubbing alcohol. Wait 20-30 seconds to pull out your finger.

Step 5; Be quick! When you got you finger out of the alcohol place immediatly a piece of newspaper onto your nail. The desired words have to face downward.
Step 6; Press down the newspaper, hold still and wait 30 seconds before taking off the newspaper.

Step 7; When your nail is dry put a topcoat on top. Be careful because the ink of the newspaper on your nails can smudge.

Do this to every nail step by step and you'll have a fun newspaper nail art. There are a lot of steps to take and it looks a lot but it definitly is not.
Now I'm curious, how do your newspaper nails look like?!


  1. hahaheb ik een paar weken terug ook op m'n blog gezet, altijd leuk!

  2. even my dad was suprised by how simple it was! shall be doing this soon , under adult supervision. obviously;)