Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Essence Nail Art Freestyle & Tip Painter

Today a review on the stripers of Essence. Essence gives a striper a different name; Freestyle & Tip Painter. I'm just going to call them stripers because that's way more easy for me.
The stripers from Essence are cheap, have a good quality, perfect pigmentation and they are available in different colors. I'm really excited about them. Let's go see wich ones I own.

The color that I own. From left to right:
- Purple Magic, a rich purple little pink and blue glitters.
- Pink, fuchsia pink with little sprakles of the same color.
- Juicy Coral, a beautiful cream coral.
- Flower Power, true yellow, almost mustard yellow, with sprakles.
- Ocean Breeze, a cream teal striper.

Next up, of color stripers. From left to right:
- White, a cream plain white striper.
- Black, creamy intense black striper.
- Silver, a beautiful silver striper.
- More Than Silver, a holographic glitter.

What I didn't mention is that these stripers are brand new in stores. They changed the finish and the brush. The brush is thicker, firmer and shorter wich makes it easier to make lots of different nail art with them.

Above some freestyle nail art I made to show you some options you can do with stripers. You can make really easy a french manicure with a cute little nail art. These is just an example of some easy nail art you can make with these stripers.

One bottle of these Freestyle & Tip Painters contains 0.1 fl.oz/4 ml. Essence is available in different drugstores in Europe.

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  1. die 2e van rechts is echt heel mooi!
    ik heb ook een paar tippointers van essence maar die vind ik niet echt heel fijn :s