Friday, August 05, 2011

Tag: Show Your Screen

So this tag is pretty new. I read about this tag in the begin of Juni. People don't tag specific others anymore these days but they just tag everybody. So, I decided to do this one too!

This tag is really easy. You just need to do three things:
1. Place a copy print of your desktop.
2. You tell a little bit about your wallpaper and your icons/programs.
3. You tag some people!

Easy peasy! Instead of showing you one desktop I wanted to show you two desktops. Just because I have a computer and a laptop. But my desktop on my computer has no icon on it and I'm only using my laptop nowadays... so to bad.

The picture you see above is a printscreen of my laptop. The wallpaper is a picture I found on google. I was looking for a sunset or sunrise wallpaper and this was the one who I liked the best. I love the sea, the water, swimming, the sun, sunset or sunrise, nature, vacation, the beach, white sand, sailing in a boat and a blue sky. So this picture is perfect for me!

Onto the programs.
Of course all the programs that are normally onto a desktop. Icons just as My Computer and the Recycle Bin. Then we have a Desktop folder. The folder includes all kinds of different programs that I don't use that often. I don't want any icon on my desktop that I almost don't use. I looked too messy so that's the reason for the folder. In the folder are programs and games as Power2Go, PowerDVD, Cake Mania, Build-a-Lot, AVG and My Manual.
Other icons and programs you can see are PSP9, which I use to edit the size of my photos. I don't photoshop, I don't even know how that works. Other icons are from media players like Quick Time, WMP and iTunes.
Onto the right I have all my download programs. Yes, I download software, a lot of people do. I don't download a lot of things because I also like to buy a CD or DVD in the store... artists still work hard for their product and the ones that are worth buying, I'll purchase.
Alright, last step. Now I have to tag some people.. but I'm not going to! Just do the tag if you like, if not, don't.

Thanks for reading!
xxx Stephanie

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